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The house before and after

Thaddeus Kosciuszko

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Welcome back TK.  As previously stated, the IQ level of the forum just went back up.

You've been missed.

We have several new refugees that have washed up on shore since you made your grand exit.  Most seem to be good people.

FROS tried to keep the Waterfalls thread alive and going in your honor.  His success rate is questionable.  Several people tried to post wonderful pics that didn't have any waterfalls in them - great pics by still a waterfall fail.  And then FROS tried to keep it going by posting some that he claimed as his own (i'm sure he stole them from you) - another waterfall fail.  And then last but not least, Chris tried to sneak in a pic of a slab of concrete (I know it was a separate thread but still - a slab of concrete).  You would not have been impressed.

It's really good to have you back - Have I mentioned that you were missed?


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Gee, I know a guy with a truck and a trailer.... Not sure he'd qualify as "good people" but he would have helped....

No, he wouldn't qualify as 'good people' - he'd qualify as 'best people'. :nod head:

One of our 'adventures' was a moving target on the closing date.  The only thing the seller's attorney had to do was order the title search.  That involved making a 30 second phone call to a title search company.

When they finally decided to let people know that they never even bothered to make the call even though the contract had been signed for several weeks, it was too late to make our initial closing date.

Never mind we had timed the date to move into the new house because we had people moving in to our house and we had to get out. :rolleyes:  So we had to scramble to find a storage unit big enough for our stuff, and then get it moved.

From then on fixing the closing date was like nailing a bowl of jello to a tree (without the bowl).  Our attorneys, bless their souls, called in favors to get the title search done quickly.  Even then, we didn't know until the afternoon before when we'd close for sure. 

There was enough drama swirling around with all this, and while I truly appreciate that FRoS would have gladly helped, I think it would have been rude of me to take advantage of his kind heart (Oh yes, he DOES have one! ;) ) and drag him through all the changing dates/times/places with the 'jello' closing date.  Not to mention the long ride to/from his place to mine...

Welcome back TK...


Thanks, Kzoo, for all the kind words!

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