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    Married Wednesday. I went to get a card today and for some reason thought it was 22 years. I then realized our daughter is 25 so this is 26! I then saw all of the 25 year cards and wondered if I missed the opportunity!?!? We met around the same time 6 years earlier so we hit 32 years together this month too. 32 of my 53 years with WoChrisL!
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    I had shrimp, peppers, broccoli, oil, and a sense of adventure. Cast iron skillet over a charcoal fire. Canola oil, broccoli, peppers, cook for a while with the lid on the fire to keep the temp down, stirring occasionally cause it's stir fry. Tossed in some minced garlic & the shrimp. big meaty 15 to the pound shrimp. Stirred some more, cause stir fry. Threw in a pile of soba noodles, added sesame oil & soy sauce, stirred some more. The lid had been off for a while now and the heat got a bit hot. All in all not too bad. the garlic got a bit burnt, and could have added some more heat, the pepper wasn't as hot as I expected. Learn by doing...
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    Don’t cross me. It was touch and go. I went to bed instead.
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    First hummingbird of the year
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    With a black marker it’s easy to turn the 25 into a 26. She will appreciate the extra effort.
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    So...after holding on to them for a few years...I decided it was time to give up the Park tool kit I got a few years back...the resident who sold me a bunch of bike stuff..for less than $500....One of the Brit guys has become my new go to mechanic (Ian's vision is just too much of an issue for him to do some of the work)....Anyway I had talked to him about the tools earlier....I think it is the Master kit...although I am not sure...think I already gave him the torque wrenches...anyway probably $300 to $600 in tools...brought him the tool box...and the "Tank" for a tune up and cleaning... He bought my dinner...He got taken..2 glasses of wine...about $12 and my burger & salad...sometimes they charge me the regular burger and fries charge...PLUS the charge for a salad...sometimes they deduct the fries or comp me a drink I do not even want to guess how they decide this....anyway..he purchased my dinner for me! And will do mechanic work...pretty much anytime I also have a bike stand ....brand new...still has the tags on it...with a tote/carrier...I will get that to him on the next run....I won't use it....I do have the park mechanic book too...maybe I should send that to G-Man...what do you think @Parr8hed
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    Get a 25 and a 1. Problem solved.
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    @Dottie gets his little holes dug or @petitepedal buys a new car? My money is on the car.
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    I once told someone that she smelled like my grandmother .... who had been dead 3 years. Seems I made an enemy that day.
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    This one is for @AirwickWithCheese, it is from his favorite hippie town in NC.
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    I find his post super aggressive. It will give Martha a lady boner when she sees it.
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    I think your math needs work.
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    Can I have the BMW when that happens?
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    I bought a new BMW, what are the odds this does not have an 8-track tape player. It also has a Betamax entertainment system for the rear seat passengers.
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    YOU ARE WRONG! @Randomguy made me say that. I was kinda fun.
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    I think I will get arrested one day on the way in to Macy's when I punch someone in the face for spritzing me.
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    ...information on staying hard is never completely without merit.
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    James will be a trivia question and answer in 20 years.
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    That wasn't as exciting as I'd hoped.
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    I think a study with government grant is the best way to answer!
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    good...I was afraid you got took on the Free dinner annuity salesman scheme *have participated in the free dinner....declined the sales pitch
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    Kinda, you need to register for the real ride. http://www.mwarbh.org/?page_id=613 I did it once, I think I'm done.
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    ...anyone who spends as much time as @AirwickWithCheese does "walking the dog" is up to something.
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    The Cheese can observe the outward appearances, watch the comings and goings, the public persona of the occupants, and tell you in great detail about the interior of the dwelling, including the proclivities of the inhabitants
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    Isn't that Uranus? I'm assuming that your comment was just a way of fishing for my standard reply concerning this subject matter.
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    I'm a professional gambler. Professional gamblers eat a lot of meat. Vegans are nervous, tense and readily show their emotions. You need a belly full of steak if you want to bluff other professional gamblers.
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    It has its place once a year in the sink.
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    You can't ever say that mayo is wrong, it can only be right!
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    We work in a fragrance free environment, not everyone follows the rules. I can't breathe around some people. Why do people waste money on smelly products to make you stink like something from a jar?
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    That's pretty good but it would have been even better if you had misspelled "you", as well.
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    This makes me happy. I felt very random while composing it. Strange yet enjoyable.
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    Not unless your taste buds are kaput. Vegan crap tastes like ass.
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    Trying to discern why Airwick is crazier than a shit house rat is harder than figuring out why a rat would go in a shit house to begin with.
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    @Parr8hed PM me an address and I will get it in the mail....
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    Happy successfully picking an appropriate spouse day!
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    Why did you start framing the floor before digging the foundation?
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    Nice ride in the park.
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