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Red October


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Red sky at night, sailor's delight. Red sky at morning, sailors take warning.

Based on the weather patterns originating in Africa. Strong trade winds would pick up the African dust and carry it across the tropical Atlantic. It is not unusual to see minor dust storms in the Caribbean. 


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It was just weird. Sunshine in the morning was the colour of sunset. About 1pm it was very cloudy and dark, but yellowish, such that I was blinking my eyes and shaking my head and just hoping that every1 else was seeing what I was seeing, then came the reddest sun, then by 4pm more or less back to normal. Weird.

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34 minutes ago, pedalphile said:

Did you hear about this? The tail end of an Atlantic hurricane dragged in Saharan dust & smoke from wild fires in the Iberian peninsula yesterday, that produced yellow sky and orange or red sun in the UK. It was a very strange sight.

That must have factored into the orangish sky folks in Ireland mentioned when the hurricane hit.

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I see Alec Baldwin as  Trump on SNL and I still can't quite believe it's the same guy from Hunt For Red October.

" 'most things on this ship don't react well to bullets'..... yeah, like me.  I don't react well to bullets."

There is a category of movies I will end up watching to the end if I come across them flipping channels, and HFRO is definitely on the list.

but re the original topic - it's funny how what is essentially air pollution can result in something so beautiful.

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