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    My great grandfather on his way to Kandahar to fight in one of the Anglo-Afghan wars.
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    While I was tinkering in the garage, Mrs calls me in a panic. Says Finn is no where to be found and must have escaped. I went to the back door and just called for him. He pokes his head around the seat like "Hi Gramps, whatcha need?" The hazards of having a dog the same color as the patio furniture I guess. Sorry for the highjack Air.
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    yeah...try a Blond Golden Retriever on a blond wood floor.You learn to shuffle around their loafing spots
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    We have his chair, a couch, a dog bed, and two area rugs in this room. Yet, he selects this as his sleeping spot. Notice his favorite toy, Mr Greenie, does double duty as a pillow. @AirwickWithCheese, he thinks living with you may be better. @Kzoo, Airedale’s are crazy.
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    I love the roaring falls that appear to vanish with the tranquility surrounding the kayakers
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    That sumbitch is irrestitible! I would want one if not for the terroristic qualities.
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    So you are going to be the judge and jury too? I think RG must pass judgement on the sleepability of your new couch.
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    You should be out riding
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    Maggie and Finn just came in and Maggie's white coat was covered in blood. Checked her over several times and found no injuries. Then we checked Finn. He has a busted lip. Rough play time is over. Doggies.
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    Apparently, so are Welsh Terrorists. Meet Finn. We are watching him for our son. The last time he was here we asked that he never return. He bullied our senior dogs, stole food off the counter, and chewed up everything not attached while bouncing off the walls. They cant find anyone else to watch him. The groomers ask that he not return, etc. I think Finn has finally met his match. Maggie has been scolding him nonstop for everything she is not allowed to do. When he tries to tackle her to put her in her place, she turns and gives him even worse. Hell hath no fury like a girl when she sees Finn destroying one of her favorite toys. We're thinking Finn even has a little bit of a crush going on now. It will be quiet around here when Finn finally goes home.
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    Yay! Napping is very important.
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    More from the 4th. As a little history, the city gives us free use of the Community Center (typically reserved for $150/day) for photo club meetings and in return, we support city activities such as 4th of July Fireworks, making the photos available to the public. I won't post pictures of kids on rides, but parents know how to get the photos. Gives us access to genre of photography (events in this case) that normally would not do, and special permissions such setting up past the police line for an open direct view and away from the parking lot lights where the public was.
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    Turned two yesterday.
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    I built Badge the Taj Mahal of doghouses. She dug a burrow under it and called it home.
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    We really do live in an anomalous time! This little blip of a couple hundred years in the middle of man’s history where everything runs on earl. It seems unfortunate that we have wound up using that earl to drive to work and sit in traffic jams. Shirley the bike will be a big part of the future, with the great benefit of keeping us healthier. Maybe we’ll get closer to nature again as we rely on the more gentle nature of solar energy. Nahhh! Thank you, Steve Martin. (This post sponsored by my current book, “Life Without Earl”.) The most thoughtful and logical book I’ve read in ages. Sure, I won’t be around for life without earl, but my kids will be easing into the transition, and it is a great philosophical, technical, and sociological subject. I was interested in the whole sustainability thing until it got co-opted into corporate happy talk just like greenness did.
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    meaning their music, songs? Or it's just some boomers and older? Methinks I will convince dearie to see the movie, "Yesterday", https://www.billboard.com/articles/news/movies/8510074/yesterday-beatles-movie-review-tribeca-film-festival This story line is a British South Asian guy who loves and sings Beatles songs but finds the world he wakes up in conscious doesn't know who the Beatles are. So has this happened big time 2-3 generations younger than us?
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    It appears he has slain the human that dressed him.
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    I heard Papa tell Mama, let that boy Boogie Woogie. Its in him and its got to come out...
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    First you need to dig some holes (one for each upright), then fill them with cement.
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    Wilbur, it looks like you picked a bad day to stop sniffing glue!
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    I do know all that. I am not a simpleton forumite you know.
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    I don't know. Looking at the group of US dopers (among the full international list of dopers), Lance & George Hincapie seem least bothered. Vandevelde is holding on to a career in cycling with Chris Horner joining in as well. Leipheimer still rolls a Grand Fondo, Tyler Halmiton and Dave Zabriskie seem resigned and okay overall. Even @bikeman564™ personal friend Frankie Andreu is still involved. I'd say Floyd is doing well mainly because he got millions (or will eventually) from being the whistleblower. So, I think they all sort of "survived" the mess regardless, since cycling is such a niche sport and all but Lance really stuck in the general public's eye.
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    It is interesting to know someone whose whole career was in the oil industry...and someone has both engineering technical knowledge for major methods/technologies of extraction and business management to know how cruel, dirty the politics of the oil industry and how it plays in Canada, with American firms (Exxon) and with the Middle East..which led to wars. And that person is dearie....the cycling advocate for past 3 decades and his involvement to advocate locally for urban design that isn't so car dependent/fossil fuel driven/polluting. His knowledge helped me adjust when I relocated to Calgary and realized over time how deeply influential the oil industry on the municipality. ...it's not exactly pleasant. Brownfields., release of sour gas (which has carcinogens) instead of capping /recycling it for alternative fuel/heating. For the economic survival of Alberta....we need to abandon that fossif fuels is no.1 for our economy. Too many locals pining for the boom of the past and overly rich salaries. Unfortunately new provincial elected premier is drumming the old tired drumbeat of the past. Waste of time. It's been quite tough on local economy for past 4 years. Over 35,000 people have left the province....which probably counter-balanced by others moving to province for other jobs, education and reunite with family locally.
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    Dapper indeed! We have a very similar photo of my paternal grandfather about to ship out to Indonesia in 1909. The story of how we got it is also sad but cool. My grandfather was unmarried when he shipped out so gave the picture to his sister. This sister died when the Germans bombed Holland in WWII. All of her belongings were packed up and after the war my parents were shipped out of Indonesia to Holland where the Dutch govt retuned the belongings to next of kin, the dead aunts Nephew my dad!
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    Well then they are as eville as running because they are devilishly cute! Passed one In the park the other day. Miniature Airedale. . I even asked the owner if it was an Airedale pup.
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    We might need to bring in the Parody Rights Investigative unit (PRI).
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    Parody of a parody but you nailed it.
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    It's an easy, effective way to keep you the hell on your own 1/4 of the bed. Geez.
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    Everett's sewage treatment plant is next to and clearly visible from the interstate as you pass through. It's located on one of the islands on the estuary. My wife and I just went driving out there a couple weekends ago to go -- surprise, surprise -- walk the trail system that works its way around it, It's actually a very cool trail that eventually moves beyond the plant and over to Spencer Island, We saw eagles and everything. The moral of the story is you have to work your way through the crap to get to the good stuff.
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    With my Dad.
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    My parents backyard. The dammed lake is low because there is a hole in the dam being repaired. It will come back up a few feet when it’s done.
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    4th of July before the fireworks Love the taps on the side of the trailer...nasty beer, but still.
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    We still have snow above 9000 ft.
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    Headed to Kingston
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    I wanted to..but I wanted to drive to a trail and the pulled pectoral muscle is not fond of lifting..and some turning..the injury has me in a funk..I'm not working out with my trainer either
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    I don’t miss the squawking!
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