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    So I recorded a thing on my violin. It's pretty okay. Not the best mic quality. Here it is. c: I hope everyone's having a good Friday!
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    We are looking into buying a shipping container. We are going to have a decent roll off that box and into a jump line that heads down the property. It has a slight incline. Our property feels slightly huge. We close on July 29th. We rode to our property yesterday and we were back in the park in about 5 minutes. We are so close to the trails. I think I can be on trail in about 2 minutes from the new property
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    Arroz, enchiladas de pollo con salsa picante, y unos frijoles.
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    I cannot remember the last time I woke up this late. I heard everyone else get up around 6 and was going to get up then. I didn’t.
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    Sorry you're having trouble with the site today, and thank you for all you do to keep our little home here up and running. We appreciate all you do for this site.
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    Costco run after work. 10+lb beef brisket. Flat cut. You get what you get. Two large racks of pork spareribs. They will be smoked on Saturday with some red oak and hickory. I will make some creamy slaw with the cabbage I picked up at the farmers market. I can’t wait.
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    Yeah, I am not falling for that one again...
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    A song is made to take you wherever you end up going. <3 Thank you! Thank you!! I actively played and learned starting from 6th grade to when I was a Junior in High School. So about 5-6 years. Since then I play whenever I feel the urge, but that's probably only like once every few months at most. But if you add all that time up (which is silly because I haven't learned anything violin-y since High School) it's been 16 years of having my emotive friend around. I'm much more the type to enjoy slow and melodic over fast and technically difficult, so I'm not very "good" x). I feel like the conveyance of emotion (from both the player and the listener) is what instruments are for, and I'm biased specifically toward stringed instruments since they generally allow more control over that aspect.
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    mr. and brother are hiking La Luz trail up the west slope to the crest of Sandia Peak, and I’m picking them up around noon. Meanwhile, #2 son and I will hike some forest trails at about 10k on the east side of the mountain.
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    have a good one peeps hot here. I just brewed organic Mexican coffee from the local roaster. Damn good Beans were just roasted 4 days ago.
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    ...and start helping her build one of these in her backyard?
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    If they wanted their loud pipes to save lives, wouldn’t it make more sense to point them forward so oncoming traffic and people at intersections could hear them coming better?
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    This. For me to wear pants that snug they have to have stretch in them, otherwise they do not fit my thighs. Most pants to fit my thighs need to be big enough that I can take them off without undoing them. Big thighs+small butt=good belt
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    It would be really nice to live somewhere where I couldn't hear cars or people or barking dogs and where lights on the horizon didn't dim the stars. But it's fucking cold there.
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    There are piles of decent motorcycle mufflers in scrap yards where their owners dropped them after to changing to straight pipes. The purr of a BMW seems to be lost on American ears.
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    A long bike ride during the winter?
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    @Redfacedwalrus found the error and fixed the site. She is beyond awesome. All should be back to normal as it was before.
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    Joslyn my wife’s aide brought us some bling today to celebrate the forth. She brought us glasses and red white and blue necklaces. I’ll try to get my wife to wear them tomorrow for a photo.
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    47 years ago today While the shopping center is still there, the stores aren't My hair is about the same length today since last haircut was in Feb.
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    An Osprey was seen at Myrtle Beach. SC, carrying a 3 foot long fish! Witnesses identified it as a toothed, shark-like "ladyfish" though some said it may be a small shark!
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    From Ale Asylum in Madison, WI.
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    22 miles with 1994 feet of climbing, 1906 feet of descending, so I'm still 88 feet above ground. Was a nice ride, 2 hours and 44 minutes, I stopped for pictures ( cough, cough ) Heading up the road still heading up the road a high altitude bog at the top of the hill, high altitude is relative, slightly over 2700 feet Pitcher Plants in the bog
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    The quietness of a Wing always makes me chuckle. I don't want aloud bike, but I do enjoy a bit of a rumble. My 750 Honda Shadow had a nice take-off rumble.
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    You know what they say: “If it ain’t baroque don’t fix it”.
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    I'm not a fan of loud pipes. I like it when someone says....I can't put mufflers on the bike because it will choke off the motor. Than I tell them that all my race bikes have mufflers and they will out perform any bike with straight pipes. If loud pipes save lives I think we should pray for the BMW and Goldwing riders.
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    What part of " I think I have a line on something, though, I will let you know if it falls through! " did you not understand???
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    No riding today but i did just get back from one of our fire towers which required hiking to a mountain top.
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    at the "official" elevation of hills? This one hill I have a phobia about. Turns out it's only 279'. WTF....when I'm riding it I'm sure it's 1500' how does this happen?
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    There she goes. Flying off the handle again.
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    I will say this, every EVERY single person I personally know that has had a motorcycle has also had a motorcycle-caused hospitalization. What their stories have in common is usually "I was going too fast" or "I hit a (pothole, patch of sand, slippery spot)". I know some have said that they have had altercations with drivers, but the bulk of the actual accidents seem to come from overestimating ability to control the motorcycle under varying conditions. The loud thing is a dodge for having the mind of a 4 year-old from what I see. Anyway, when I am on a bike, I always act as though drivers can't see me. It is up to ME to be aware of THEM because all driver's minds are trained to first look for other car sized objects. Motorcyclists should do the same and stop the noise pollution and lame excuses.
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    Mine is quiet enough to hear the mechanicals over the wind noise. Stuff like the chain, the brake rotor buzz while braking, etc. https://youtu.be/CW0g10n5UsY
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    Speaking about hair bands, you should see the collection of hair bands I have accumulated from all these granddaughters. We had a pool party last night, this morning I found three more hair bands.
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    After months at home, even the reticent tend to wax loquacious on the interwebs. Wholy carp. I pulled that off without referencing a spell chequer or a dictionary.
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    I'm going to see fireworks in as many places as possible, I'll take public transportation wherever I can. I will go to many bars and eat at crowded restaurants. During the day I will hang out at overcrowded beaches. This whole COVID thing is a hoax.
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    My Morning Jacket, Tame Impala, and these guys on this. It works well on her voice around 16-17:00
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    I'm a strong believer that if a person has a natural creative gift, it comes back no matter how a person suppresses it or just lets it lie fallow in the field. It's not dead, it's wanting to be awaken by self for a new life. A long lost friend from my early teens (up to university), whom we shared art, books and writing as teens.... told me that she read chunks of my blog after we reconnected.....well for her, it's knowing me....all over again but in a different, yet familiar way. I don't know about you, but when I abandon art temporarily, then I end up doing other stuff, writing, photography,...it's like keeping the Muse oiled and alive somehow, so the spark doesn't die completely.
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    FIFY I rode thousands of miles at night in many different states and never had an issue with deer. I have had nothing but trouble riding my bicycles at night even with really bright lights.
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    My neighbor has bikes and his are quiet. He also doesn’t rev it until he leaves the neighborhood which helps but at idle they are quiet. He rides early every weekend and I never hear him leave.
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    Yep, carry food and water. Stop only for gas. The doggy doo bags are cheaper and work better than gloves at the gas pumps.
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    Good for you. You need to do this at least once a week.
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    Going to see a friend's new house, going down Saturday to see my old man, and then probably work from home. Hopefully some intimacy with my wife. Plenty of reasons to celebrate. One way or another I see fireworks in my future.
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    Yes please. You are super awesome, thank you for offering. You're also super awesome. I turned off ImageMagick. I hear it processes images better, but it wrecked the site.
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