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3 hours ago, RalphWaldoMooseworth said:

  With the e coli on romaine, we people who like to eat healthy are on the ropes!

I would like to know the real story on this. Ecoli could not have infected all of the growers of Romain. If I was a grower I would be getting my lettuce tested and raising hell if it tested clean.

I guess if you want to eat healthy you will just have to have a piece of pie.

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23 minutes ago, Longjohn said:

Wow everything is still green. I didn’t realize your climate was that much different. Did you and your wife just roll those into place? Nice wood. Splitting that will be good therapy for your back.

Yessir.  We used a heavy duty yard cart this time and rolled them into it and hauled them 4 doors down onto my property.  I couldn't have done it today without my wife's help.  She's a good worker.  About half of those rounds I man handled on my own and -- well -- the back story is old news now. I have even more rounds around the corner of the second photo.  I figure I have about 3 days or splitting or 1.5 real days.  We are super excited to have it.

Regarding the climate, yeah, they don't call this the Evergreen State (at least the western part of this state lives up to the nickname) for nothing.  But the recent report on climate change shows less wet, more fires, and drier seasons.  I doubt we'll be California dry anytime soon but I have noticed changes in the 50 years I've lived here.


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