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    The story of my day

    I had an eight AM appointment at the Honda dealership to get a recall on the middle row seats fixed. They kept sending me this recall notice and said it was a safety issue so I finally made an appointment. The service manager said it would take about an hour. This made me feel not too bad. They asked me if I had been there before and I told them not with this car but with many other Hondas that we have owned. They came to the waiting room after about 15 minutes and said they couldn’t find me in the system and had me write down my name, address, and telephone number, this made me feel annoyed. I have had eight Hondas in there over the years for recall work, mostly airbag recalls. Finally after I had been there an hour they came in again and asked me if I had taken it to any other dealerships within the last couple months. They said the seats had already had the recall repair. We told them that when we bought the car over a year ago they made us wait about a week to get it because there was a recall on the seats and they had to wait on parts. This made me really annoyed. At ten o’clock they came in and said my car was done. They took off the other new parts and put a new set of the same parts on. This made me wonder why I even came. From there I started on my honey do list at four stores and the credit union. This made me feel frustrated but I got it done. i went home and started preparing a turkey for supper. I made stuffing and stuffed the bird and also filled a small roasting pan with dressing. This made me feel accomplished. I started cooking the turkey in an electric roaster out on one of the deck tables. Then I started peeling about seven pounds of potatoes. The potatoes had black spots where the eyes were which I had to gouge out with the potato peeler. While the potatoes were cooking I put on a large stockpot to boil two dozen ears of sweet corn .By then my son John had showed up with his family and his German Shepherd doggy. This made me happy. The kids all had their swimsuits on within a couple minutes and they were in the pool. A little bit later my son Ben showed up with his crew and my wife’s big sister showed up so I started carving the turkey. The granddaughters got wind of the smell of the turkey and surrounded me while I carved. They kept asking for pieces of the skin and were snitching small pieces of turkey. All that swimming must have worked up an appetite. This made me feel happy. The moms fixed plates for the littles and everyone else fixed their own plate. I made up a plate for my wife. She didn’t feel up to joining everyone out on the deck. This made me sad. People kept leaving the table and going in to talk to and check up on their mom or grandmom. This made me glad. After dinner everyone except my sister in law, my brother, and my wife and I got back in the pool. Altogether I fed sixteen people and all that was leftover was some gravy and some dressing. Everyone left by 11PM and I started to clean up the mess and wash the dishes. I just got finished and now am ready for bed. This day made me feel wonderfully. Blessed I just wish my wife was felling better.
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    WoScrapr's Celebration

    was wonderful. Excellent even. The venue was awesome. A winery that WoScrapr would love. In my remarks I mentions that WoScrapr would be pissed she missed this party There weren't any hitches in the whole thing. Catering was early & was set up perfectly. Food was good and well proportioned. It was a beautiful day. 82 degrees and sunny with a light breeze. Started the day off walking to the LCS. On the way there WoScrapr sent me a Golden retriever to pet. I love the "reds". So she sent me one on my walk over. She was talking to me all morning. Lindy's "posse" had most things ready to go. at the venue. So my bestie & I smoked cigars out at a pergola. He was best man at our wedding (and i his). We remembered that we smoked cigars just before our wedding. We were late and delayed the wedding for a minute or 2. WoScrapr was mad. Had about 130 folks there. it fit the venue perfectly. When it got to be my turn to talk I did pretty good. Broke down a bit once. But i had my remarks typed out so i could avoid triggers. That helped a lot. When we got to the open mic portion I took the mic and walked around the room laughing with the folks about the Lindy stories. A short one. Our old neighbor (Karen) had a driveway that wasn't accesible on our street. But Karen's sister would park there and walk through the brush to the house. This made WoScrapr mad because our driveway was sort of blind to where the car was parked. WoScrapr let her know that parking there was a bit dangerous. So word gts back to WoScrapr that the neighbor called her an *sshole. Well... a bit later neighbor & WoScrapr are both at a party. heh, heh. WoScrapr walks up & introduces herself....I'm your *asshole neighbor. LOLOL. They were fast friends after that We had pre primed several people to come with stories. So that helped a lot. Lots of people laughing and having fun. It was truly a great afternoon. I just wish WoScrapr was there to have fun with us. I was a bit nervous that I was going to be more sad than having fun. But I think the laughter was cathartic. I felt good driving home. Like something had lifted. Maybe it was just the party that i was worried about. It was really good to see all the friends and family...(well some of the family) picture of my fraternity class. I'm the dressed up one. When did we all get so old? As incoming freshmen we were known as Scum. So that is what we call ourselves 45 years on
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    Griffin’s first yellow jersey. Indiana/Kentucky state crit champ.
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    The shed now has a work bench

    It probably took me 6 times longer than it should have, but I did it all on my own. Pretty proud of it.
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    Shu Fang

    Hey Y'All.

    I just want to thank you all for being my strange online imaginary friends for the past ten years. I started this weird relationship back in 2009 in an attempt to troll Foo and BF. I moved to LF because BF was too Big Brother and the mods there were too cultish and outright lied to members (they are communists). Then I met a majority of you all at LF. Anyway, thanks a ton for allowing me to escape life one post at a time. I appreciate it. I really like you people. I still think AWWC is odd. But I probably like him. Shu Fang
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    Square Wheels


    We've all gone through a tough time at one point or another. Sometimes I have nothing to say, but would give a hug if I could. For those that want to use it, I've added a Hugs icon to the Likes menu.
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    A few days ago some dashboard lights came on while I was driving. This made me nervous but the care seemed to still be driving ok, so that made me feel better. When I turned the car on again, the lights were gone, so that made me feel better. But then they kept coming back so hat made me nervous again. I called to make an appointment at the dealer, and they coudln't take me until mid-July. That made me annoyed. Then I started having problems moving the gear thingy from park to drive when the lights were flashing and that made me feel frustrated and nervous again. I thought of taking my car to this one garage I like, but I was afraid it might need a part they wouldn't have, so I tried calling all the dealers within reasonable driving range and I found one that had an appointment today. This made me very happy. I rook it in and described the issue to the woman at the front desk. She mentioned there was an open recall on my car and that the recall fix should solve my problem. That made me feel silly. Then she pointed out that there would be no charge and that made me feel better. The dealership had a very nice waiting area with comfy chairs and free snacks. That made me happy. I started to read my book, but then I got involved people watching. One old lady was surprised to hear she wasn't getting a courtesy car for weeks while they did body repair. She decided to wait and get her work done later. Another woman was downright offended when they offered her an uber ride after she dropped off her car. That made me curious since it seemed like a nice offer. Another lady was thrilled and called her son saying "OMG, I'm going on an uber ride!" During all of this I was texting with my wild sister who brings her car to this dealer for service. She told me that they recently remodeled and that the nice man who worked there lost his office and now just has a chair at a counter. That made me sad for the nice man. Eventually my car was ready and I went on my way. Although I may go back soon for more people watching. The End.
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    We had a visitor yesterday

    While mom and sister went swimming
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    yay! Decided if I'm going to do bike therapy I better have a bike in Bend & another one in Portland. SoI got a used Kona Honky Tonk. New wheels, new gear set for a nice price.Steel is real baby. Took it out for a shake down on the Portland MUP. Not bad. My Trek has a triple (that I never use the bottom end) The KHT has a double.I kinda liked it. Not sure if it's going to have enough low end but the top end is good. At least on the MUP. On the MUP I saw today a fire truck washing down a small fire in a homeless camp a ambulance on the MUP. Guy was talking about getting a gurney. Don't know what that was about. Most likely homeless A deer.wtf??? all dogs on leashes and well mannered a lot of horse poop a guy on an electric bike with what looked like motorcycle tires lapping me a bocce ball event at the Paesano club. Looked like a good time.There was a lot of Paesano's there a crapton of d*ck picture graffiti on the MUP. Is this gang bangers??? 4 teens walking across the entire trail not as many homeless as I imagined and I got a tattoo
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    I start my part time job on Monday. A friend of mine is maintenance for a Christian school and is short help. So for the next 6 weeks I'm going to changing out light fixtures in the gym, changing light fixtures in the parking lot, wiring in some security cameras and a few other odd jobs. I'll be working about 5 to 6 hours a day for the next 6 weeks. The pay not that great but it's for the children.
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    It's probably going to be cold by the time it gets to you!
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    The airplane is in maintenance until July 15. There are no flights booked for the remainder of July and none in August. This may be a very good job for cottage life.
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    Today has been 19 years

    That I have been making Mrs Parr8 the luckiest woman on earth.
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    A few weeks ago Wo46 and I were racing in Mid Ohio and one of the photographers that was there sent me 25 photos. Here we are flying the chair Power sliding through the corner
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    I love it. Still in shock. Can't believe this is ours.
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    My lunch date

    She wanted a blueberry margarita with lunch.
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    Goodbye Ohio

    We had fun there for the last week, but it was time to go home. We made a stop in Cleveland on the way out to visit the house from the movie, A Christmas Story.
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    In the ER at 11 on a Friday night

    Follow up report - it was cold in the room and we had two hours to wait for the IV drip so I went out to the Jeep and slept for 45 minutes. Get back and the IV is almost done. When the nurse returned she had the discharge papers prepared including Rx for more antibiotics. We got out of there at 3:00 am. Went to the 24 hour pharmacy nearby but their system was down for maintenance. We dropped off the script and went home to bed. Four hours of sleep and I’m back at work. Doing Saturday coverage at the credit union then the LBS from 1-6. I will sleep in tomorrow. Son is doing better, the young heal quick.
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    Not. The ske was clear, beautiful sunshine. I caught some fish and then the sky turned ominous. I got wet, it felt good.
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    Well actually 3 State Championships. Em’s travel team won the USFO state tourney in travel ball about 3 weeks ago. She got a cool ring for that one. I took a pretty cool cool pic today...
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    Square Wheels

    Good news

    I need to take it easy for a week or so, but I can do whatever I want for exercise. It may cause bladder spasms and bleeding, but the same can happen watching TV. The future still looks bleak for my bladder, but for now I can go back to what I was doing.
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    It is possible I got felt up

    He was a smart man, He knew you were watching and would kick his ass if he grabbed your husband's ass.
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    The wife is getting better

    She still feels like crap, but she is starting to do things. I'm not quite ready to unleash the Mormon Tabernacle choir to sing hallelujah, but it's coming.
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    Square Wheels

    Unzip or unbutton

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    Muscle Cramps

    I drink Gin and Tonic. My understanding is that it's the quinine in the tonic which is supposed to help, but never has in my case. The gin helps deal with the disappointment.
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    Windows and door installed

    We didn't do a whole lot on the BIKE shed yesterday, bit we did get good things done. HoSmudge spent a few days at camp and got two windows set in. We measured and leveled and installed shims. The two windows didn't have a nailing flange, so they were a little difficult, but we got them in ok. The door went in fairly well too considering the only shims we had left were the remnants from the windows. The counter top in the corner will be my work bench. Looks like I have a heckuvalotta more room for bikes than I thought! DoSmudge2 says I could fit ten in there. Gotta start shopping!! I stayed after supper and put a coat of paint on the door. It's actually an indoor door (solid core, so not flimsy or lightweight!), and we're supposed to get rain. I wanted a little protection for it, so I painted the outside of it. It's a little beat up, but the paint makes it look pretty nice! I'll probably put a couple more coats on the outside. Inside is really rough; probably at least three coats there too.
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    We are having a department "event" next week designed to promote bonding and getting to know one another. We were asked to prepare answers to a few questions (such as favorite book, movie, pieces of music etc) and items for the annoying "Two Truths and a Lie" game. I am not sure that knowing more about my coworkers is a good thing, and I'm dubious they want to know more about me.
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    Night falls over the Duomo.

    Just for y’all!
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    We had gone back to the Dodge place yesterday to look at a used GMC for 25K. After we looked at it, I was not really thrilled with some of the features. Like, buying a new vehicle, I was looking forward to a back up camera. Not being a great driver, I hate backing up. This feature makes me really, really happy about parking. So, we didn't buy that one. We looked at a few more on the lot and I just wasn't feeling it. So we went home dejected and went back to the internet and my husband had been talking to the GMC place over the hill (130 miles and a mountain pass). He ended up hashing out a very good price for a new GMC. We had a vin, and we decided to make the trek and check it out. After all that, we get there and the car is NOT on the lot. It is in transit. So, now we are even more annoyed with this process. They offer to fill out tank and if we wanted to buy that one, they could deliver it over the hill to us. But, we hadn't even seen it. Plus they wanted us to pay for it through GM financing and we would have no payment due for 90 days (to cover possible extended transport time). ICK. Nope. Nope. Nope. We were about ready to walk away and drive back home. They asked us if another truck would work. We opted to look at some Silverado trucks. We were close to getting one and it was pretty stripped. Then, we realized that 4 Lo is not a normal feature on the lower end trucks. REALLY? 4 lo? WTF? We do use it now and again in deep snow, and tricky situations. So that was a deal breaker and a reason to move up to a truck closer to our needs. The Silverado is a little old school with the 4x4 shifter on the floor. Cool. We told them we were an all cash deal. We hashed out a price on the Silverado. They ended up taking about 7 grand off. So, they sold us a brand new Chevy Sierra 4x4 HD Custom. It's white. cloth seats, and really cool floor mats for filthy athletes (love this feature). We bought it for $33,300 + DMV stuff. I felt that was pretty good. It seems that we lost about 3 grand in depreciation. I can live with that. It had 6 miles on it. So, we ended up writing a check for the truck, and I am very thankful for having sound credit. We told them that the funds for the truck need to be transferred from another account. No one keeps their big money in a checking account. I told them that they had to wait to deposit check on like Wed or Thursday. After they checked our credit, they said that would be fine. The truck has a perfect color. It's white. Again, the lot was shocked that we are original owners on a 2001. During our closing papers, the dude asked us "How long do you plan to keep this truck?" I said, 20 years. They got a kick out of that comment. I will get some pics soon. I am getting ready for a modest dinner party tonight. I know some of you will be shocked that we bought a new one, as that is a luxury. I really feel that we did ok. I think we did better this time than we did on our last truck. My husband and I rented a GMC a bunch of years ago and took it 4 wheeling in the winter. She whipped the shit out of that truck. We were pulling our friends around with a tow rope, as they rode their snowboards. Fun and wild day, but that did come to mind when we were talking about buying something with some miles on it. We can't tow for another 400 miles. Looks like the next trip or so has to be in the old vehicle. I am going to drive the truck to the grocery place today. What a luxury.
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    An unkempt teenage JShartpft with his pants hanging half off his ass walked into the local welfare office to pick up his welfare payment. He marched up to the counter and said, "Hi. You know, I just H A T E drawing welfare. I'd really rather have a job.. I don't like taking advantage of the system, getting something for nothing." The social worker behind the counter said "Your timing is excellent. We Just got a job opening from a very wealthy old man who wants a chauffeur and a bodyguard for his beautiful daughter. You'll have to drive around in his new Mercedes-Benz and he will supply all of your clothes." The social worker then went on to explain further"Because of The long hours, meals will be provided. You'll also be expected to escort the daughter on her overseas holiday trips. This is rather awkward to say but you will also have, as part of your job, the assignment to satisfy her sexual urges as the daughter is in her mid-20's and has a rather strong sex drive." JShartpft, just plain wide-eyed, said, "You're bullshittin' me!" The social worker said, "Yeah, well...You started it!"
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    One year ago tonight

    I got the call. The one no pilot’s wife wants to hear. Arrived at the hospital waiting for him to arrive by helicopter. So scared and helpless. We soon knew all the ribs and a few parts of the spine were broken but there was no head injury and soon after arrival he could fee his toes. 8 hours of surgery later I found myself able to breathe. All the bones have healed, he can walk and the pain continues to lessen. We are Blessed to have had fabulous surgeons and even better friends.
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    My great grandfather on his way to Kandahar to fight in one of the Anglo-Afghan wars.
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    Nine grandkids

    Were in the pool today. We planned on everyone being here at the same time but John didn’t get up here from Georgia until Ben and his family had just left. Today we are going to try to get everyone here at the same time. I didn’t get any pictures of John’s kids in the pool because it was too dark. I did get Ben’s crew.
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    How to piss off a husband

    Put a couple chairs out and tell him not to mow there cuz there are pretty flowers.
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    You have "divers elbow". It is common among those who work underwater. Basically it is the opposite of tearing something topside. With a sudden use of a muscle/joint underwater, like pulling your son under, the strain on the muscle is affected by the .433 psi per foot underwater increase in ambient pressure. With the increase in pressure and the muscle looking for fluid(ie blood) to assist in its job, the isobaric counterdiffusion of the partial pressure of Nitrogen allows N2 to be forced into the joint. Sort of like a mini-bends. You are screwed, by now it has likely caused permanent damage and should be amputated. Oh,... I forgot to mention this part. I am completely full of shit.
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    The Story of my Weekend

    Rolled out of work on Friday. Coolers iced down, camper loaded up. Worked from 4:45 am until 4:30 pm. Got to the fairgrounds at around 6:30. Set up the camper, popped a cold one and walked across the parking lot to the softball fields and watched the daughter play two pool play games. Went 1-1 in pool play. Beat a team that whooped us last year. And they were horrible sports. This made me feel accomplished. Lost to the top seeded team in the tourney but it was a strategic loss. Didn't play small ball, didn't throw junk pitches, and used our other pitcher a bit. Played a tight game. This made me feel optimistic. Walked back to camper and drank beer with coaches until 2:00 am. This made me feel relaxed. Sat got up late, made breakfast and Drove G to Cincy for his crit. G lead out the holeshot and stretched them out from the gun. He got into a 4 person break for the first 3 to 4 laps with the fastest kids. One was a girl that was extremely fast. I told him to hold her wheel and work with her and nobody else. After lap 4 G and the girl (pre-planned) attacked on a hill and dropped the other 2 riders. This made me happy, but nervous. I hoped he's be able to hold her pace. They worked together for 2 laps until she rode away from him. There were 4 laps to go. This made me extremely nervous as the other 2 boys were chasing. G held on and actually put time into them finishing on the solo break for his first big crit win! This made me so stinking proud! (I told him nice win, but you still got beat by a girl). Went back to the tourney to catch the night games. We won first bracket games and then got the remainder cancelled by a storm. This made me angry. Sunday the girls were up early and played all day. They faced the team that beat them in pool play. This made me nervous. Coach unloaded both barrels on them. Full-on pitching, baserunning and small ball. We defeated them by 1 run, sending them to the loser bracket. This made me very happy. They won loser bracket championship to make it to final game to face us. They had momentum and got up on us. This made me very anxious. But our girls dug in, lead by Emmy's strong pitching and came back to win the USFA state championship by 3 runs! This was 10:30 at night! I finally got home around 1:00 and to bed around 2:00 am. Back at work today. this makes me feel exhausted, but so very proud. These rugrats of mine are pretty awesome.
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    My happy place

    Open track today at Road America
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    If you were truly industrious, you could get a part-time gig at Orange Julius until the plane is ready.
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    Today I bring you

    This soon to be delicious small ass spotted bass!
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    We picked a bunch that wound up on the tart side because the bushes were a little picked over. And we also have some packaged ones that are perfectly ripe. Blueburry season is a good seque into peach season. The current batch of local peaches is marvelous, as usual. So this has been the froot report from Ralph Nessman. :D
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    I threw the categories together with very little thought. I wanted a name that sounded like a place people would want to come, converse in a friendly manner, and return. I think it worked out well.
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    3 year process completed

    After my daughter got her undergrad in Kinesiology she was a little lost on what to do next. While at the family dentist shortly after graduation he asked her what her plans were, uh.... He asked her if she ever considered dental hygiene and let her shadow with some of their hygienists. She was hooked but had to go back to a JC to complete some prerequisites and then got accepted into one of the better programs in the state. Over 500 candidates apply each year, 30 are selected for a JC program!?!! Who knew. Well 2 years later she finished with honors, received several awards, passed her state boards and just today got her license... Our dentist said he would hire her if he had an opening and tried to hire her but her license took too long to process and he had to fill the position. So she can officially start applying and there is high demand for hygienists, especially from her program so she should find a gig soon. Want to know the going rate for hygienists in SoCal? $50 an hour! Her hubby is a tax accountant who just got his CPA so they are off to a good start.
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    Pretty bad when a 'vegan' is allergic to a plant.
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    My happy goddaughter

    I think her name is Imogen Mildred
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    Road Runner

    My first sub-190 weigh in

    since last summer. 189 this morning. On my way to 175, I hope.
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