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    Got this from my second daughter who got married last August, so apparently come August 2020 I am going to start sleeping with a grandmother
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    Front door to camp, and opening in snowbank to get to my front door. The path to my front door... The steps I dug out yesterday so I don't ski into my front door... My front door...
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    You can see it in their eyes, when they are calling you names.
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    I've been indoors on the trainer. I'm in the trial period for Les Mills that @Parr8hed says G is on. It is only Ok. I'm just not motivated by New Zealand frat boys with backwards hats to lead my cycle time. I'm going to quit before the trial period is up. Probably go to Sufferfest. I have a few of their old videos and like them. I guess I have missed the whole zwift thing where you need a $1200 trainer to participate. My bike has been having trouble with the shifts. Deraileur out of adjustment. The HS kid next door works at the Mountain in the summer on mountain bikes. I texted him this afternoon for him to get me on his schedule for a tune up. He texts back...Sunday OK? Yay! He must not be a Pats fan. They are in the SuperBowl this year right? After watching a basketball game I walked down to the local nature reserve. I turned on my Strava since i didn't know exactly how far it was and how long the loops are. Since it was mid day there was quite a few people there. I prefer to go early as sometimes you can see deer. Last time I walked up on 4-6 deer right by the entrance. Turns out the walk down & back is 6 miles. I was thinking between 3 & 4 miles. I did not see any wildlife. And a few people on the trail did not say Hi.
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    I keep watching it over and over and over again.
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    And the first course is in. Tater Tot sliders.
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    Sauerkraut never fails for me. Brussels sprouts or cabbage also. And there is always beans.
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    It was vegan gluten free Hawaiian pizza. Pretty good. I haven't had pizza in a long time, maybe years.
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    Chili, chips and salsa, sliders and wings at Jsharr Bar and Grill
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    While I was out working today, I built a bird perch for the cat to view. She's an older cat and enjoys looking out the window. When a bird comes by, she gets excited. This perch is placed in plane view of the window and stands in a position that feral cats can't ambush. I made it out of the metal frame of a room divider I found along the road. The metal is paper thin so it's not good for much of anything.
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    Congratulations. Grandkids are the best. I wish I'd have known that sooner, I would have skipped having kids and gone straight to grandkids.
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    I don't use a recipe, I make it up as I go. I usually start by making a bechamel, then add 3 to 5 different cheeses depending on my mood. I'll usually brown up some kind of meat like bacon, andouille sausage or ham, and add that as well. I like to use medium size shells, as they really hold the sauce. Then I put it on a baking dish, add more cheese to the top, along with bread crumbs or french fried onions, then bake it until it's bubbling and brown on the top.
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    Holding a grudge is my special gift.
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    I was active yesterday, then walked Jake a couple miles - the ranger at the park entrance gave him a Milkbone dog biscuit both times we passed his guard box, and last night I fell asleep healthily exhausted for the first time in a while. I didn't wake up until 11:15 am - I usually wake between 5:30 and 8 am. I felt great. I HAVE to be more active. The next walk is Monday (62°!). If the weather's bad for a while, I'll start walking malls.
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    The rest of you are philistines and barely worth mention.
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    Since its still in the 40s and sunny, I may ride fatso to dinner
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    The sun finally came oot over the SE mitten and brought 49° temps. 24 miles on the road bike. Felt so nice
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    Just as long as anyone who reads it NEVER drives in the left lane.....
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    This is my cousin’s band, River Whyless.
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    Looking down the bridge across the moat.
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    The same as others are expected to act around shoulders and arms.
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    I would have to pull a petite and do exhaustive research. I would probably tend more toward teaching people how to fish than feeding them fish.
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    We have three puppies again this weekend. Raye, Sparkle and Bellle.
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    Not sure how the prediction will go today.. good luck, and sorry if something gets messed up.. he is a hell of a partier!
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    Gas was 45 last month and electric was 56. Having a small house is a good thing.
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    I have people (mrs mooseworth). Her fambly recipe is with tomatoes and cheddar, but mine was creamy with milk. She makes that kind once in a while. If I made it it would have jalapeños.
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    My gas and electric bill for last month was $4.95. I'm on budget billing and it was the month to even up. Our gas and electricity is about $100 a month on average.
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    You thought front to back, didn't you?
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    Go. It's very much about acceptance. I am old and overweight. I wear a long stretchy shirt and gently tuck it in my pants so when I am leaning down, my shirt doesn't ride up. Many people at my studio are overweight. Some are experts. Some are beginners like me. Yoga teachers are wonderful. @SuzieQ
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    I don’t I’m married, if I wasn’t definitely. (If she wasn’t married).
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    When my wife and I and our 2 best friends, enter a bar and grill for after dinner drinks and the average age of the patrons just about doubles. Yeah it got quite in the place for a little while, they noticed too.
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    We have pizza for dinner. Home made dough and sauce.
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