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    My son got trashed

    Ryan's Scout troop did a conservation project. Cleaned up a creek that runs through a local park. 20190824_120936.mp4
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    Square Wheels

    Site Open

    The site has been opened again. P&R is hidden. Called it censoring, I don't care. I'm tired of the bickering. People who post P&R, or veiled P&R posts, in the Cafe will get warning points. Get enough, you get banned. This was supposed to be a fun site. For me, it's not any more. I come, I move posts, I warn people, I put people on our Time Out policy, people stop coming because others are jerks, my costs continue to rise. How is this fun? Most, the vast majority, of you are good people. There are a few trying to wreck things for others. Why? Take that crap elsewhere, I've done nothing to you aside provide a welcoming environment where we can exchange fun stories. Please remain civil.
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    Site Open

    Square is the labor and finance of this site. If he doesn’t want to run a political site that is his right. He can propose limits he wants to live with and people can decide if they want to stay and play or go elsewhere. He does not to meet the needs of everyone.
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    Platform is now a shed.

    We love it and that thing will hold 30,000 pounds. That's a lot of pellets.
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    New pup taken in by Dallas Street Dog Advocates, I am pretty sure it was due to her drinking problems.
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    Road trip

    Many people just eat out when they travel, but I admire your dedication to a family dinner each night.
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    Square Wheels

    Server upgraded

    I was running out of space, that may have made the site a bit slower. In order to get more space, we also got more RAM. Hopefully, the site is faster now.
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    Site Open

    I promise not to post about buying a new car in 5 years or so and getting us shut down.
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    Red Roof Inn

    We are in Erie. This is the only hotel that accepts bigger dogs. It is full of agility dogs. The parking lot is full of vans. Then there is one guy towing a boat. He wanted to know if we were all together. I said not yet but we would be tomorrow. Lindy and Ryan are happy because I remembered bed covers so they could sleep on the beds. Lindy is resting up to do well tomorrow. Ryan is kind of a crap shoot. Today when we set up our crating he was a reactive idiot. I did not like that all all so he got banned to the van.
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    I put a rump roast in the crock pot before I left for my ride. When I got home all I had to do is cook a vegetable, some taters and smash them, make gravy and there you go.
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    My wife actually ate everything I put on her plate today (that’s my plate, hers had smaller portions). Her treatments and change in medications appears to be working. She wants to try to go to church with me and the girls tomorrow. It will be her first ride on the stairlift.
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    Road trip

    I'd take my wife, my brother and my nephew. Those are people I know I wouldn't be tempted to to kill after the second day. It also gives me two more drivers for the motor home. From here, I'd take @wilbur because he probably has the best travel stories, @Parr8hed to run the kitchen, and @petitepedal because she doesn't take up much space.
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    Our little town is 150 years old

    There’s a big celebration all weekend. We hosted a community dinner at our church last night. BBQ, salads, desserts etc. fed over 500 people. Lots of people who now live elsewhere came back just for this event.
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    Site Open

    I concur. SW, I’ve said it before. You’re doing fine. Keep on keeping on...
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    Took a lot of photos yesterday, and only glared and mumbled at a couple of parents, etc. giving the contestants loud directions right behind me. Several folks came by to thank me for taking the photos, and one mom even sent her son with a piece of warm peach pie while I waiting between groups. Today I photograph hogs. We did very well with our photos, winning 8 blues and a few others. I am probably most pleased that the series or wood duck ducklings swimming in spurts won first in the digitally modified section and the green hued wood duck hens won a blue and champion of the advanced class. One of my gambles paid off, as I entered the turtles on the log in wild animals, and it won a blue.
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    I was able to get my wife to church today. The granddaughters took good care of her.
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    Square Wheels

    Party Songs

    Listen if you want, don't if you don't. A few things before you do. I play about 10 minutes a month - yup, that's my excuse for sucking. The band showed up over 2 hours late. The drummer forgot his snare drum, he put a tambourine in its place. I thought The Rain Song was just me and the lead guitar player, they surprised me by saying the band tried it out the day before and would give it a shot. That really through me off. I learned TNT the day before, I had never played it all the way through - it's not really that hard. We did not have a sound system, just a few amps. I could make up a million more excuses, but that should be enough. I should have filmed the band without me, with me they were a mess. They really are pretty good. The Rain Song She Talks to Angels TNT
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    Sunday Aug 25

    Grands had a great time at the beach with their best friends.
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    Red Roof Inn

    Ryan was a super star with a cape today. He and Lindy both qualified. So so happy and wondering what tomorrow will bring
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    Only in Miles City

    From the local forum
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    Worth going?

    Is the building safe yet?
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    Yesterday I went to the snack area at work and saw a lovely little package of Lorna Doones. That was the first time I'd seen that snack in the snack area so i felt intrigued. I was feeling sort of busy and rushed, and some nice, plain Lorna Doones sounded like a good idea. This made me happy. I had the package of Lorna Doones and thought they were wonderful - they just hit the spot. This made me feel content. Then I remembered being a young girl and selling Girl Scout cookies. There were so many fun choices including the always popular Thin Mints. I remembered going to the different apartments in our building and all the nice people who would buy cookies. The coconut and chocolate ones were often popular, which I didn't really understand because I thought coconut was icky. The lemon cookies were nice and tangy and i could understand why people liked them. The thin mints seemed like the obvious choice and were always most popular. But there were some old ladies who would order the plain trefoil cookies. I always felt sort of sad for them because I couldn't understand why they'd order such a boring cookie when there were so many better choices. Then I realized I had become one of the boring ladies I used to find sad. This made me feel a little bad. Then I remembered I had another package of Lorna Doones and I felt happy all over again. The End.
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    Camping here

    Next weekend. I am sofa king excite. No softball, no bike races. I am actually taking Monday off so we can actually stay 3 nights. This is something that we don't do nearly often enough. 4 families all with kids, a smoker, a griddle and a ton of beer.
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    I'm bored

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    RG has a gutter mouth and was going around humping all the other dogs and I am pretty sure I am missing some booze. AWWC just stared wistfully at my single hung windows, with a tear running from the corner of it's eye. SW peed on everthing. Could not stop that puppy from peeing! BM564 tried to get Martha's number and watch soft porn on Skinemax after the boys went to bed.
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    Genetically Modified Sofa

    Server upgraded

    Just delete the parody threads. That should clear up 25 percent of the Cafe's usage.
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    Red Roof Inn

    I don’t know where the butts came from but the needles were probably from a bunch of dogs juicing before a big show.
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    Square Wheels

    Site Open

    I will mail you a US quarter, please send me ¢75 in postage. You may go blind.
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    8 minutes without self pleasuring. 10 with.
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    Don't Make This A Habit!

    At the convent: A nun says "Good morning Sister Jane. You must have woke up on the wrong side of the bed." A few minutes later another nun says: "Good morning Sister Jane. You must have woke up on the wrong side of the bed." This happens a few more times and Sister Jane can't take it anymore. She stops the next nun who says it. "Why is everyone saying that to me? I'm in a very good mood!" The other nun says "You're wearing Father Jim's shoes."
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    Why is David Hasselhoff so popular in Germany...or at all?
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    I'll start. Why does grass refuse to grow in certain spots in my lawn, but every known vegetation in the Northern Hemisphere will sprout and grow like hell in the tiniest of my sidewalk and driveway cracks?
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    so, I just mixed by hand. Like a pioneer. It was fine. Used a strong spatula. … And my Mother is going insane. I made long rise cinnamon rolls with it, and they were the best I have ever made. Should have been a pastry chef or at least a baker. Sigh.
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    I do not even know their names.

    Fantastic Four.
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    inky, pinky, blinky, & clyde
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    Happy Monday

    It could be worse! Quiet here because the salmon have returned to Capistrano (the summer interns are gone).
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    Sunday Aug 25

    We arrived in Prince Edward Island late yesterday.
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    Square Wheels

    Who was on time out?

    For that reason alone, I cannot.
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    Please define "proper". Is this a solo shower?
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    Don't Make This A Habit!

    ‘Cuz they’re making banana bread for the youth fundraiser with the initial 120.
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