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    Has never been right. Rear brake makes a horrid buzzing sound. I have been through numerous sets of pads and rotors. Had a buddy that is very good with bikes look it over. I've had it back to the shop several (4) times. They had Cannondale look at it. Apparently Cannondale cannot reproduce the sound. Buuuuut it has a fork recall. Prob won't have a new fork in hand for it until Jan. (When cross season is over). G has grown. Won't be able to ride this bike next year. Manager of shop just ordered him a new Giant TCX on them. Should be in today. Just in time for the UCI race in Cincy this weekend.
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    Treason cross. A small, local race put on by Midwest Development Cycling out of Indianapolis. he might have fallen a little but he got back on. and went and got a gummy work hand up from a younger sibling.
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    Got a 911 call of a medical emergency. Paramedics enroute and as I’m running down the hallway with my trauma bag some a hole is blocking my path. I yell coming through and Dumbass says slow down and moves directly in front of me. I juke right and stiff arm the dude and he face plants into the wall... Crap. You OK? No, you pushed me into the wall. OK stay here I’ll be back and off I go. As my guys escort Paramedics up they see dumb ass 1st and think he’s the injured party. I hear the call of on scene and tell them to leave that guy and continue to suite 305 where I was. They later came back around to help that guy who had an abrasion in his nose but no further injury... So homeboy filed a complaint to HR on me! Directer if HR says what an idiot, too bad you didn’t break his nose....
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    This weekend we are going to a cross race in Cincy. Sat and Sun. Hope to be there both days. Hope to take the camper. I think we will just set up in the parking lot. Keeping an eye on the weather to see. G is stoked about it. I have seen a glimpse of the travel ball schedule for next spring/summer. Holy shit. I am a little freaked out. We are playing all over the place. Chatty TN, to Cleveland, to Colorado Springs... It seems a little daunting. We were on the way home and Emmy was doing some math. She was adding up how much we spend on hitting and pitching lessons each week. She almost got a little teary when she multiplied that by 52 and saw how much we spend a year. And that doesn't include her brother's activities or any uniforms or tourney fees. It was kinda touching to see her get worked up. She said "Dad, you could have a newer truck for that". I assured her that I didn't want a new truck. I wanted to see her and her brother succeed.
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    For those who have reached this age......here is Edwin Morgan. At Eighty Push the boat out, compañeros, push the boat out, whatever the sea. Who says we cannot guide ourselves through the boiling reefs, black as they are, the enemy of us all makes sure of it! Mariners, keep good watch always for that last passage of blue water we have heard of and long to reach (no matter if we cannot, no matter!) in our eighty-year-old timbers leaky and patched as they are but sweet well seasoned with the scent of woods long perished, serviceable still in unarrested pungency of salt and blistering sunlight. Out, push it all out into the unknown! Unknown is best, it beckons best, like distant ships in mist, or bells clanging ruthless from stormy buoys.
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    I sent this to my daughter Too Soon?
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    She seems overjoyed to have her picture taken to be shared with your imaginary internet friends.
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    Probably a list of all of Airwick's forum grievances.
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    that the sheep wore their wool coats to go out. 3 3 degrees.
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    She's cute. She could have done much better.
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    From the pics, no fewer than five credit cards
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    I would tell her to play little league and like it and tell G that a Walmart bike was good enough for you when you were a kid. I would tell them this from the front seat of your lifted F250 Platinum King Ranch Raptor Eddie Bauer Edition 4x4.
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    I liked this review. It was enough without being too much.
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    Are you writing a Zamboni Haiku? It glides on the ice Zamboni, one trick pony A smooth rink is nice
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    Dried beans in a bag with seasonings. It smells great right now. Been cooking for 2 hours. I'm using country ham vice sausage.
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    Older cars had a massive engine and skinny tires for entertainment. Navigation was a crumpled map in the glovebox.
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    An expert is a person who learns more and more about less and less until eventually everything is known about nothing.
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    I thought maybe this would be a colonoscopy update.
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    Oh well in that case... My brother & I used to shoot each other in the ass with BB guns until one of us cried uncle...
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    The past week I have been filling my neighbors three water gauges with different amounts of water when it rains and they are asleep... When he wakes up, one meter will say 3 inches, another at 1 inch and the other at 2.35 inches... wonder how much longer till they catch on?
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    Caught this one the other day at my daughters house. Allie as in alligator lizard. Seems to get along well with Darryl but Darryl is in hibernation mode and burrows for days at a time so Allie has a run of the place. The behavior is way different than Darryl. He does the tongue thing like a snake and really doesn’t spook easily. And is devouring crickets at a rapid pace.
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    My sincerest congratulations to you LongJohn My deepest condolonces to poor WoLJ.
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    Here’s another. When I put the camera to the glass he slowly turns to looks at me like what the hell you looking at! He’s pretty bad ass!
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    He’s supposed to pay all of the medical bills and loss of earnings
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    The Doctor we’re seeing this afternoon is a wound care specialist and a plastic surgeon
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    Heck, I even liked the faux Mr Silly, so you know I appreciate the real Mr Silly even more!
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    If he has such a good job, why can't he afford a shirt with sleeves? 😉
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    Queasy stomach, sweats, dry throat - they all hit me after my Internet service went out around 6 pm last nite. Maybe there's some good in that - I'm WAY too addicted to being online - and this is a warning to spend more time offline. My cheap DSL service just suddenly died and I checked all the connections, etc. and they seem fine - phone service good, etc. So I called the company this AM and they had me go through the same things I had already done plus some additional stuff and came to the conclusion I need to talk to a "Senior Technician." He'll call me in 1 to 2 business days. Most likely they'll send me a new modem/router. So, my brother's home, 15 minutes from my home, and my sister's home, 25 minutes from my home, will be seeing a lot of me this week. I'm at my brother's home now and starting to physically return to normal.
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    All of Chris's daughters are gorgeous but this is J, my favorite, and the one who looks most like MrsChris. Get well, fast.
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    A good photo shop would have her giving the finger...or RG lurking somewhere in that photo
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    My wish is to be shot by a jealous husband at age 110.
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    HEY! We're virtual, not imaginary. At least, that's what I tell Wo2
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    @Parr8hed please confirm or deny.
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    Sometimes and ounce of prevention is better than 230 grains of cure. There are certain places in this state where it's a good idea to carry, but only if you know how to use it and are willing to do so. Whenever I go out into the Bradshaw Mountains, especially alone, I open carry but I've never had to upholster my firearm. I did have a couple of pretty questionable characters start walking toward me one day, but when I casually turned so they could see I was armed, they abruptly changed direction. I could see that both had large knives in scabbards on their belts (one guy had a hand on his), but didn't see any indication of guns.
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