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    A Puget Sound King Crab..., about 10 inches across. They are common in the Pacific Northwest And the weirdest of all The crazy people who go to see them
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    47 years ago today While the shopping center is still there, the stores aren't My hair is about the same length today since last haircut was in Feb.
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    I’ve been fortunate to never have been unemployed in the last 52 years. In fact I’ve often had one or more part time jobs. I earned my first paycheck in 1968 at the age of 14 working at a car wash making 95 cents an hour. I’ve also worked at a drive-in theater; cook at 3 different restaurant chains; been a gas station pump jockey; spent 24 years in the US Air Force as an aircraft mechanic; the last 23 years as a database administrator; plus 16 years teaching night classes at a local college. Speaking of college, I earned 2 associates degrees, a bachelor degree, and a dual-major master degree. This was done taking night and weekend classes while working with the encouragement and support of my wonderful wife Patti. We also raised three great kids. I plan on riding my bicycles even more and doing some traveling.
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    I cut my hair into a boyish pixie. First picture taken in January. Second in March. Third this morning. An editor friend calls it the Brittany Spears school of grief management.
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    I was at my parents so I was not there to help and try not to cry. He is now living at a house owned by his school, sort of a resident advisor I think.
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    My Dad’s older brother, Norman, was born in 1923. Dad, 1929. Norman joined the Army in WWII. He took part in the D-Day offensive as part of the 82nd Airborne. Shortly after midnight, June 6, he and other soldiers parachuted behind enemy lines to assist the invasion. Norman earned a Purple Heart that day. He returned to the US before the war ended and never spoke of himself as a soldier. Norman died in 1974 from lung cancer. He was always larger than life when I was growing up and I never knew his story until recently. I (now), joke with my cousins, that he was why it’s called Normandy.
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    My wife will ask to use the bed pan and then after awhile she will say she is done. She will say she didn’t think she did anything it was just gas. So I roll her over and remove the bed pan. She sleeps off and on all day. Last night just before bedtime she did that. After I removed the bedpan she drifted off to sleep. I was still goofing around on my iPad. I get up to turn off the lights and go to bed and she says I think I’m done. I said done what? She said “am I still on the bedpan?” I said “No, you said you were done so I took it away.” She said “I’m sorry”. I laughed and told her it was ok, that’s why I have those disposable pads under you. I cleaned her up and put a new pad under her and went to bed. I never thought I’d be doing this but it’s not that bad when you are doing it for someone you love.
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    Yes, I set the title up on a platter for parodies..... For the first time in a long time I took the camera set up for photos on a dive today, I normally have it set for video. I took a few pictures so for those of you who are 'dry-landers' here are a few critters living just beneath the waves Plumose Anemones. They stand about 15" high. They are actually an animal not a plant and catch things in the frilly top and pull it into their mouth which is located at the top middle. (You can see the indentation on the background ones) The white things near the ground are actually tube worms A swimming scallop about two inches across. He is open and you can see his orange and white 'lips' that are actually the outer layer of their organs. The little black dots you see rimming the top and bottom are actually eyes. They have like 32 sets of eyes. They detect more light and darkness changes as opposed to 'seeing'. A rock scallop. Unlike the swimmers they are attached and do not move around. They are also much bigger, this guy was around 8 inches across
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    We knew we had a fawn around here, and we saw it in the woods my shed is in. HoSmudge let me use an old trail cam, but we got the same pic of the shed a ton of times (it just duplicated the same pic, weird). He gave me another one to use, and we got real pics! Squirrels, a rabbit on the porch, a bird in flight, and fawns!!! This is probably the best pic of the bunch. Yay for TWO adorable fawns!
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    Doctor was happy, thus, I was happy. See him again in October, which he reminded me was only 4 months away.
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    WOChrisL and I were riding on a MUP that links two nature preserves. I’m on my Anthem and she’s riding the Jamis HT I recently was gifted. There are a lot of homeless along this area too. So were riding and I see a girl, maybe mid 20’s maybe homeless probably on drugs walking in denim shorts along the trail towards us. I clearly see boobies bouncing but I’m thinking, is that a dude? Nope, it’s a chick and she’s just letting em fly.... So my wife shouts out, hey look boobies!!!! Like I didn’t already see them... Except she rides into me craning her neck and we lock bars! We go about 10’ locked together and I can’t get us loose, finally the bar plug pops out of my grip and we fly apart. Wife goes left into the dirt, I go right & bounce off a fence but both of us stay upright!!! We hadn’t laughed that hard in ages. Hey look boobies ahhhh!!!!!
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    My grand pup! 34 lbs & growing!
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    Three year commitment
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    She always leaves milk in the bowl and I dump it in the cat dish on the back deck. Our feral cats lap it up like it’s a real treat. This morning no cats on the deck. The milk stayed in the dish in 90° heat all day. So now I was sitting in my chair on the other end of the deck, the sun has set and it’s almost dark. I hear someone lapping up the milk. The table is in my way and I can’t see who it is. I stand up and look over at the dish. That snot my cat. It gives me the deer in the headlights look and I tell it it’s ok, the cats missed out. It went back to lapping up the milk and I sat back down. It was getting too dark to see so I got up to go back in the house. I had to walk right past the cat dish. Two heads are now in the dish together, Rocky Raccoon and a black and white cat I haven’t seen before. They must be friends.
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    So I recorded a thing on my violin. It's pretty okay. Not the best mic quality. Here it is. c: I hope everyone's having a good Friday!
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    I don’t have kids so I’m not active with the troop. But for years I’ve had them come annually to camp, fish my trout, learn how to tie flies, and cast. I have come into a row with one of the troop leaders who proudly displays the confederate flag and spews that the South will rise again. That racist iconography and sentiment is not welcome on my land. I will not allow children to be taught to be accepting of such beliefs in my presence. Either he has a serious come to Jesus moment, or they kick him from the troop, or they lose the privilege of my hospitality.
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    We social distanced in the RV this weekend. We got out the heat and went into the woods outside of Flagstaff. These little guys were everywhere. Also woke up to a nice little herd hanging out in the meadow. A buck, four does and five fawns.
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    I was sitting around Saturday night and oldest asked if I had any plans for Father's Day. I told her my plan was to roll out of bed then go for a nice bike ride. After that, I would just do the normal Sunday things around the house. I woke up on Sunday and starting getting things ready for my ride. As I finish my last cup of coffee, my daughter comes downstairs and she is ready to go. I had to make a last second change to the route, but it was completely worth it. We had a great 20 mile trip together. And she crushed the hill that kills me on this route. Stupid young legs.
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    It's a small update from the one I have. Has a few more options, the face is a tiny bit bigger (and my eyes are getting old), and it's lighter.
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    Damn I’m feeling my age but it was fun. Handed out boxes of produce for 4 hours. My wife & I had two 20 something kids working with us at our station and about 3 hours in one kid says, you need a break sir? Naw man I’m good. Wow, my dad would have been done hours ago!?!? I take it that was a compliment?!! What really was cool was to see how grateful so many folks where. We loaded 5 boxes of food at our station and often times people would start to drive off after the first box.. Whoa hold on you get more!!! Oh thaaaank you!!!
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    Joslyn my wife’s aide brought us some bling today to celebrate the forth. She brought us glasses and red white and blue necklaces. I’ll try to get my wife to wear them tomorrow for a photo.
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    Arroz, enchiladas de pollo con salsa picante, y unos frijoles.
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    Road trip on Mizpha Road, and photographing the area including the badger. Of course, selling 46 head of sheep was pretty exciting.
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    Water is residual after irrigating.
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    I'm working from home. It's an hour to quitting time. Mom's assisted living place lights up my phone. "Jack, it's Rosabel (one of the nurses there). Your Mom isn't feeling well. She hasn't eaten her breakfast or her lunch, She is lethargic and not looking well." I call Mom's doctor at Kaiser and conference Rosabel into the call. Rosabel delivers her concerns to the advice nurse. Advice nurse talks to doctor, tells me they want Mom in the ER. I call my boss to say family emergency, I'm leaving early and Mom calls. Why am I going to Kaiser? Because you won't eat and you're asking staff where your Mother is (deceased about 28 years). I don't want to go (real reason: I don't want another 14 day quarantine). You don't have a vote now Mom. I'll be there in 15 minutes, be ready. I'm still my pajamas, can I go to the doctor in my pajamas? If you got slippers sure put them on, doctor won't care. Mom's dressed by the time I get there, so she's pretty lucid. We drive to the hospital and go to the Emergency Room. No visitors and Covid signs are everywhere. They don't want to let me in with Mom until I ask, how are they going to get information about why she's here? She is loopy on a good day. I get a wristband and a free temperature scan (97.3). Triage goes well. Vitals are good. She gets a room with a bed. The nurses come in and hook her up for monitoring. BP, temp, oxygen, EKG, fluid, etc. While they are taking her clothes and replacing them with a back-ass gown, I go wait in the hallway. All clear I go back in. Next is X-ray, they wheel that in. Covid test next, I'm back in the hallway. Urine, well, she was hooked up all kinds of ways, can't go pee in a cup so they use some kind of catheter. Mom did not take well to that. Now she has to pee. Before she didn't need to. NOW she does. Nurse brings some fancy vacuum device that goes on top of the hoohaw and vacuums the pee away. I've never heard of such a thing, but I'm a man so what do I know. Back in the hall I go. In the hall, I'm seeing things that pique my interest. I was an auditor for many years and I notice things. There are guys in the hallway who do not belong. They are not medical; one is in BDU's, an older guy and two others who are classic Secret Service types. Young guys with close cut hair. Fit. Suits, The bearing of guys who once served in the military. One has the earpiece with the coiled wire-behind-the-ear. Interesting. They are hovering around the room around the corner from Mom and down the hall where they huddle and speak. BDU guy walks by and I note his name and service. I'm curious. He is Air Force. A general. Interesting. Visitors not allowed but these guys are. Anyway, back to Mom. She is getting whiny and on my last nerve. I am tired. I am hungry and didn't sign up for this. She has to pee. I get the nurse and she figures out after all her education, training and whatnot, that the fancy pee vacuum device did not work as advertised. I wonder what they paid for that per unit and what they're billing Kaiser. Mom is wet, the sheets are wet. Nurse has to clean up and isn't happy. Back to the hallway. Nurse is done but Mom isn't. She has one leg raised in the air while she is drying herself with the hospital gown. Mom, WTF are you doing? I'm trying to dry off. Didn't she wipe you down. Not very well. She has to pee again and won't do it unless she is perched on an American Standard or Toto toilet. JFC. Rather than deal with the nurse, I unplug the EKG wires, fetch Mom her walker and take her across the hall to a goddamn porcelain toilet. Fine sh'e happy for the next five minutes. Next up is the CT scan. When is that? As soon as someone is able to come take you there. But what time is it? It's 8:00 Mom. My appointment is at 8? What appointment? The CAT scan. You don't have a set time for CT scan, they come when they can. When are they coming? Goddamit Margaret, this hospital has hundreds of sick people in the middle of the worst pandemic in 100 years, I'm sorry that they're not able to cater to you. When we can we will leave them a one-star review on Yelp so nobody else comes here. Right then the doctor walks in and hears the tail end of my rant and busts out laughing. Mom has a CT scan in a few minutes and then we can let you go. Thank you for your patience. I was done with patience. I was hungry, tired, and dealing with an 88 year old with the cognitive skills of a three year old. I got Mom back to assisted living at 9:30, and got home myself just before 10. Mom got a turkey sandwich and an oj at the hospital. I got leftover pizza and beer when I got home.
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    I was too tired after pushing sheep for shearing and feeding to venture out. She missed some nice light later on, as she was tired of feeding blood to the mosquitoes.
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    @Parr8hed took some pics
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    I had a rare stomach condition that required me to eat dirt 3 times a day. I am eternally grateful to my two older brothers for telling me about it.
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    Ryan began the upgrade on his bike tonight. Pulled off the old components except bottom bracket, as we need a new bb wrench. Next he is repacking the wheels and headset and then he is installing 10 speed Dura Ace.
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    I kicked her out the door.
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    Made it to our first destination.
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    We are looking into buying a shipping container. We are going to have a decent roll off that box and into a jump line that heads down the property. It has a slight incline. Our property feels slightly huge. We close on July 29th. We rode to our property yesterday and we were back in the park in about 5 minutes. We are so close to the trails. I think I can be on trail in about 2 minutes from the new property
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    I just bought 100 used tennis balls from the tennis club. I would love to do a video where I drop them all in front of the dog, but I am not positive how he would react. And, I don't want to clean up the mess.
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    100 acres about 60 miles east of Atlanta. I have a pond and stream with a couple of small waterfalls that I yearly stock with trout. About 2/3s of my land is forested, 20 acres of which are virgin land. That’s where my lighting bugs and some rare flowers are located. We also have an airstrip that my father used to fly his ultralite from. I was born out here. The house is a mid century modern, Mother was the designer.
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    Really dude??!! She's hot and not flabby to the touch?? WTH more do you want?? Maybe SHE'S the one who should be concerned.
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    Weve been putting a lot of things together, now it’s time to get some elevation.
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    My BP tonight....I havent been taking it on a regular basis but a couple of nights ago I took it and it was 119 over 82..pulse was 70..tonight it is lower but my pulse is 84...I haven't been sitting as long as I was the other night. I am happy with those numbers
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    So my company hired a bunch of young folks, mostly college students to assist with our reoccupation plans. Most are quiet and not that sharp but let me tel you about Erica... So they have Erica working as a break room concierge. Other than a few words on Friday during in processing I really don’t know this girl and hardly spoke with her. So we are beta testing the reoccupation process at another facility and go down there to support the effort. I see Erica in the main break room. She asks if I want anything and I see several boxes of donuts so the smart ass that I am say yeah, a dozen donuts please. Erica then dead pans, gee the ex cop security guy wants a dozen donuts, what a surprise... I bust up laughing and tell her oh you & I are going to get along really well! Freaking epic, got one upped by a 19 YO coed!
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    She did amazing. This was the championship game.
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    And an iced Jack Daniel’s latte for lunch while mom naps. Screw you @Dottles
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    We had a big dog that never wanted to miss a ride. He got so excited when he saw me loading his trailer in the car.
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    Picture taken a couple neighbors away.
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