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We were at our local pizza and beer joint last night.  It was a snap shot of Americana but that is another story.  Mr. Magic was there walking about doing tricks.  He tossed Mr. Aire a deck of imaginary cards and asked him to shuffle them.  He started to but the guy said oops you forgot to take them out of the box.  They sorted that out and Mr. Aire shuffled the imaginary cards.  Then he asked me to pick one of the imaginary cards.  I did and didn't tell anyone the imaginary card I picked was the 3 of clubs.  Then I put the imaginary card back in the imaginary deck and Mr. Aire returned it to Mr. Magic.  Mr. Magic then turned it into a real deck of cards.  Shuffled them and produced my 3 of clubs.  This time as a real card.  How is this trick done?

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This isn't all of it, but I suspect the "Invisible Deck" trick was involved.

This involves using rough-back cards so they stick together, and two card decks.  The person doing the trick tells you your card is upside down in the deck.  Really, every card in the deck is stuck to another card in the second deck facing the other way due to the rough backs holding the cards together.  They have a system of odds-and-evens, and pair suits-with-suits that allows the person doing the trick (if they have a good mind or memorize/practice well) to know the positions of all the cards in the deck on each side, so when they fan the cards out and get to the right spot, they can separate the two cards to show you one being upside down.  They pull that card, and it's yours.  It's a very slick looking trick.

What I don't know is how someone performs the trick for you when they don't know the card you picked.  But here's a video of the trick I've seen that's similar, and a second video showing how someone works with the Invisible Deck.


The foundation of the trick:



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