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How do you get your pictures from your iPhone to your crappy Windows 8 computer?


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Just now, Mr. Silly said:

I open the photo on the iPhone then draw what I see with MS Paint.

Dear Sweet Clean 8 lb, 6 oz, golden fleece wrapped Baby Jeebus, you have returned!   Stay here, I will go get a fatted calf, and my best robe.  What size signet ring do you wear?

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iPhone?  When a Samsung Galaxy S7 dropped from $629 to $429 on Tracfone a year ago I got my first real smartphone.

Windows 8?  I think it worked for me with files the same way Windows 10 does now since it uses the basically-the-same Windows File Explorer.

I connect the phone to my laptop with a USB cord (micro USB on the phone end) and Windows reads the S7 as a drive and I simply move or copy pictures to my laptop using Windows File Explorer.


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