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Bald Eagles


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There are many around here if you look for them. I usually see them along tree lines, between farm fields, etc. Interestingly my grand daughter and I saw one flying over a local amusement park called Little Amerricka  http://www.littleamerricka.com/#  this summer.

At first I thought it was a publicity stunt, but probably not. :dontknow:

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Don't have them in SoCal but I've seen them in the Eastern Sierra.  One memory that will stay with me forever was while I was float tubing in lake Mary (Mammoth Lakes).  It was a little slow end I'm just sitting in my tube soaking in the scenery. A bald eagle comes into view overhead, does a couple of loops and swoops in and snags a trout out of the water maybe 20 yards from me.

It was freaking bad ass!

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I haven't see bald eagles in our prairie city yet. However they are seen by the river in our area. Golden eagles are more prevalent in our area.

In Vancouver, amazingly you might see the odd one here and there high up in a tree.  The duo below is on a totem pole not far from Granville Island Market, which is close to downtown.  Just 30 km. north of Vancouver is Brackendale Provincial Park where the bald eagles migrate and hang out in early January. Unfortunatley  https://cyclewriteblog.wordpress.com/2015/09/21/bald-eagle-fierce-majesty-at-attention/ if the salmon run is low, there's less of them.  Here they are when we visited the park:  https://cyclewriteblog.wordpress.com/2017/01/01/bald-eagle-in-wilderness-in-our-neighbourhood-brackendale-eagles-provincial-park-and-Vancouver/    

Bald eagle couple surveys its world on top of totem. Cypress St. Vancouver BC 2016. Photo by J.Chong


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Not too many in my neck of the woods, but there's a state park about 90 minutes away in Illinois (Starved Rock) that I take a trip to at least a couple of times each winter to see the Bald Eagles that have come down from the north to hang out along locks and dam on the Illinois River (Uttica, IL). I've gotten to within 10 to 15 feet of them on occasion. The first time I got that close, my first thought was "damn, they're a hell of a lot bigger than I thought they were."


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