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Do you have any notorious criminals in your family?


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I don't think I have any in mine.  Maybe some in the olden days that nobody has been alive to talk about for at least 100 years, probably much longer.  I come from a long line of respectable citizens, you see.

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You mean living today?  No. I know this because they go through perodic checks so I keep my clearance levels.

In my past...., apparently a great great uncle (or something like that) used to run the local brothel in my town and was considered a scourge on the town.  He then closed the brothel to house those infected with Tuberculosis and he looked after them as they got sicker, eventually catching it himself and dying from it

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When I crossed the border into Canada in 1975, I had all the paperwork from the U. of Toronto to apply for a work permit to teach Organic Chemistry Lab - which I could get at the border complex.

A guy - who turned out to have the same birthday as me - interviewed me.

One question was, "Are there any members of your family who have been convicted of a crime in Canada?"

I replied, "There's a family rumor that I have a great uncle who was hung in the 1800's for stealing a horse up here, but I don't think anyone has proved it."

I got the work permit.

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