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Calculate your possible life expectancy


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I calculated @90 yrs.  https://www.cbc.ca/life/wellness/quiz-how-long-will-you-live-1.3793814  Based on certain known basic things outlined. Of course, none addresses one's own current health.

Not sure whether to be impressed, slightly scared (must plan for this financially) /freaked out.  I suddenly realized there are 2 family members...but 2 steps removed....a cousin's mother and a great aunt who are 92 and 90 respectively.  They each live in Metro Toronto, hence same access as I to same air, food sources/quality, health care system.  

Frankly, these 2 family folks are the first I know living in 90's. All others died in their 60's-80's. Some in China, rest in North America.

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4 minutes ago, groupw said:

In my 80s. I’m ok with that. 

So for men to get into the 90s, we need to be at the right weight, have long living relatives, no alcohol binging, and exercise regularly. 

And being perfect only gets you to 93?  That doesn’t sound right. 

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12 minutes ago, Zephyr said:

92 for me... and I have had numerous aunts and uncles well into their 90s and one full functioning at 100.  Myvparents are 85 and my mom still curls and golfs competitively.  I am holing for more than 92

Your mom is amazing. My mother is completely opposite at 85.  She moves real slow down staircase at home.  One day she might fall ...by herself at home.

Aren't your relatives out in the Maritimes...it must be their social relationships that help too.

A good friend of mine in my city, her mother is 80. She's on the stationary bike....and doing Zumba. My friend really has no clue what her mother does, when she drives mother to fitness centr.

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I got 86.  If my weight loss continues (I've lost 10 lbs in the past 3 months) and I start flossing regularly, I'll get 90.

Of course, that's a very incomplete test and it doesn't address how much of those years you'll need home assistance or other care.

Of my 9 biological uncles, father, and grandfather - almost all diabetics - those who didn't smoke were independently active until around age 84 and died around age 88.

Only one regularly exercised past age 70.  He had a low golf handicap at age 85, though he only shot 9 holes at a time at 85.  He deteriorated relatively quickly afterward.

I think only one of the other 8 could, at age 69, take a 3 mile walk while a 100 lb dog strained on its leash as I do a few times a week in good weather.

If I can add a few years to the active life of my non-smoking relatives, due to advancing medicine, etc. and taking better care of myself than they did, I'll be satisfied.

If fate takes me away today, I'll feel like I had a full life with more accomplishments than most and a legacy of published research, trained students, civic service, and having achieved a level of education and knowledge I believed impossible when I was a teenager.

BUT...I sure hope I get a couple more active decades!

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What if one of your relatives lived to 90 but all others died in their 60's? 

What if you don't mimic the lifestyle of your long living relatives?

What if that long living relative was an obese, smoking, alcoholic? 

What if you trip and fall under a bus? 

What if you work in a high risk job?

What if you are exposed to chemicals and such? 

What if other conditions require extensive and aggressive drugs? 

What if you have Type 2 diabeetus? 

What about Canadians living longer than Americans?  

What if you are caught spying on the girl across the street parading around in her panties and bra?

All this makes me question the simplicity of the quiz... Hmm.  :) 

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