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Who is the most famous person from your home town?

Mr. Silly

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I grew up in the country.  From the place I call my hometown (school and address) probably nobody.  There was a small crossing just down the road that was the home of the original radio personality that played Tonto, Fred McCarthy - back in the 30's.

From my current town, Derek Jeter.

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From my suburb community, which has 15.000 people and was all farmland until after WW2, and where 12 of us from my high school class of 278 went on to college, we've had some very successful people, but few if any I can think of as "famous."  A lot of us became teachers or religious ministers, probably because those careers where the only white collar ones we were familiar with in our blue-collar environment.

We do have a private Facebook site called "I Grew Up In Brooklyn Park, Maryland" and I don't remember anyone celebrating particularly famous local people.

We do have a great candidate for most famous resident, a gay guy with the real name Dale but called Madonna Girl Dale or Britney Girl Dale, who, until moving to North Carolina last August, dressed in a woman's long, curly blonde wig, often with short skirts, dark hose, and high heels and regularly walked up and down the main drag, Ritchie Hwy, shaking his butt, teasing toward the traffic while almost causing accidents, and where EVERYBODY waved or honked in friendly fashion at him. Even the cops posed for pictures with him. There have been articles about Dale in The Baltimore Sun and web blogs, one of which is called: What Makes Madonna Girl Dale Tick; A Look Inside One of Brooklyn Park’s Most Famous Residents. He/She looks sexiest in a white outfit worn with the white cowboy hat at the beginning of the video at the bottom of this post, but I couldn't find a picture of it.  He was great entertainment - I hope he moves back to the area.

Long before people forget Dale, they'll probably forget my late acquaintance, former Commandant of the Coast Guard, Admiral William Kime; my friend, former softball teammate, and recently retired judge Ron Silkworth; my late, close high school friend Mike Meros - the local Donny Osmond (before the Osmonds were famous) in a band called The Meros Brothers as a kid - who was a backup musician for the Beach Boys for decades; and my friend and retired State Senator Phil Jimeno,

image.png.c9ca274ad47062cd93ecff33b11c933d.png https://i.ytimg.com/vi/5W6m5UL_VVY/hqdefault.jpg

Image result for madonna girl dale image.png.9fd9f45febe87c359d0842d85a550476.png Image result for madonna girl dale cops



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2 minutes ago, Longjohn said:

Trent Reznor

He is also in the Paris of Ohio listing.  I remember seeing him when he was with a local band called "The Exotic Birds".  He started playing around in an industrial fun band called Collapse or somesuch, the whole band came out in Godzilla costumes (really good ones).  That was cool.

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A few professional athletes that I’m aware of. Benny Ricardo was our back fence neighbor and ran with my oldest brother.  He was a kicker in the NFL in the 70’s. MLB players  Dan Quisenbury  and Brent Mayne are from my city.  

Brent stayed in the community and his son played ball with my son. Really nice guy if you weren’t trying to get free coaching from him.  We’d sit in the stands and talk fly fishing and he’d blow off all the dads trying to pump him for advice.

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Birth town - Jacksonville, FL
- Ronnie VanZant, founding member of the Southern rock band, Leonard Skynyrd

Adolescents - Winter Haven, FL
- Dick Pope - Founder of Cypress Gardens
- Later owner living in Dick Pope's mansion - Tom Stafford, Country/Pop singer, songwriter, comedian
- Jim Allchin - Both of us played trumpet in HS band, but he has impacted everyone on this forum - that it even exists - before returning to music. He was executive VP at Microsoft (Part of the leadership team and direct report to Bill Gates) and essentially got the business server network systems operating systems off the ground and continues as a major profit center today,  and lead on the consumer side development of  operating systems through Windows 7. After recovery from Cancer, he retired, returning to music (rock/Blues), writer, singer, lead guitar. https://www.jimallchin.com/videos 

Last few decades - Winter Park/Orlando, FL
- Well there is always the mouse :whistle:
- Don't know if want to claim it since has gotten really weird, Carrot Top. An avid cyclist and have ridden with him when in town. He grew up in Winter Park.



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22 minutes ago, Rattlecan said:

There were several big league hockey players who went to my high school, including Darryl Sittler, but Malcolm Gladwell is probably more famous around the world.

Yea, forgot that Malcolm Gladwell was from K-W.  Interesting his mother was black Jamaican..

I don't think it means much to Americans about famous Canadian authors....Margaret Atwood is from Toronto... (Handmaid's Tale, Edible Woman, etc.)


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Katie Couric went to the neighboring high school. She is two years older than I but she was there when we used Yorktown’s swimming pool in 74-75.

Sandra Bullock went to Washington and Lee HS but she is five years younger than me and like a sister, so I couldn’t bang her then.

Mama Cass and Jim Morrison lived here before they moved west. They had moved before I arrived in the area so I had no influence in their lives.

Dave Grohl also grew up nearby but he moved away too.

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